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App Development


Get On the Mobile Bandwagon

With the ubiquity of mobile devices, businesses need to get themselves on those devices to be with their customers always. Our talented app development team is capable of transforming your business requirements into a viable idea for a mobile app.

Native Apps for All Platforms

RPlanx understands the importance of having your app function perfectly. As such, we develop native apps for the three major platforms.

Android : Leverage the most popular mobile OS for your business. With powerful features and extensive customizability, Android can be an excellent choice for your app. Our experienced Android app development team can create an optimized native Android app with fantastic UI and features.

iOS : Give your customers the benefit of iOS security with a native iOS app. Make use of the powerful Apple ecosystem in an iOS app that keeps your users happy. Our talented developers are capable of creating native iOS apps that can make use of the best features offered by Apple.

Windows : Our app developers can deliver a beautiful native Windows app that makes the best use of the features of this ecosystem. We have the technical knowledge necessary to create powerful Windows apps that can benefit your business.

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Web Development


Making the Most of the Internet

We, at RPlanx, know how invaluable the internet can be. So, come and let us leverage its potential to give your business a boost. Over the years, we have perfected our development process. Our talented team has coped with the constantly evolving development landscape to deliver projects successfully.

What We Can Deliver

Ecommerce : Our experienced team is capable of creating and implementing whole ecommerce solutions designed and developed according to exacting international standards. Small to medium enterprises can access the global market effectively with our ecommerce solutions.

Content Management System : Simplify the management and updates of all website content with a customized CMS. Retain your edge in the highly competitive market of today. Our experts can create a CMS that is easy to use even if you have no technical knowledge whatsoever.

Third Party API Integrations : Enjoy the benefits and features provided by third party APIs. Our developers are skilled at updating existing sites with APIs. Integrate and deploy them to successfully recruit more customers and leads.

Customer Information Portal : Our developers are capable of delivering a wide range of portals, created to your exact specifications. Simplify access to customer information with a portal tailored for your business.

Front End Development : Impress visitors with intuitive and beautiful interfaces and designs. Our UX designers ensure that all visitors have an amazing experience. You get one chance to shine and we help you make the most of it.

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• Content Strategy: Inform and Attract with Content

• Creative Design: Transforming sites into art

• UX Design: Impress with the site

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